I’m on Instagram

and I ‘m completely obsessed in it.

I’m obsessed with scrolling down photos and curious as to what’s happening with my friends {and strangers I follow}.That’s the beauty of Instagram — it lets you peek into the life of people you love and like.

Instagram tells me that you’ve been eating lots of pretty and delicious food.

Instagram tells me that your baby is super adorable and she never runs out smiles for the whole day.

Instagram tells me that you are enjoying an awesome sunset on your side of the world.

You share how your morning goes and I share my morning coffee. {Sometimes I also share photos of hydraulic blocks, go figure.}

It’s that random and quite intimate….

I always share my meals there.

I wanna see you on my instagram. If wanna see me, take a peek: The Peach Kitchen on Instagram.


  1. says

    Hello :) I am also on Instagram! I am even more active on it than in other social networking networks. hehe My instagram is instagram.com/meichagas
    The blueberry cheesecake is mouth watering! I miss it so much!

  2. Rcel says

    Yep, better take advantage of the device that you have if it can give you access to Instagram! πŸ˜€ I am not into it because I don’t have a smartphone or anything. LOL.

  3. Liza Barnett says

    aha! so that’s what Instagram is all about, peeking in somebody else’s picture? hehehe. your photo looks so edible and made me drool

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