Some of Our Favorite Ways of Enjoying Gardenia Pandesal

Pizza Pandesal

Pandesal is one of the staples in the Filipino household specially during breakfast. We simply cannot have our coffee without our pandesal. I grew up dunkin’ my pandesal in my creamed coffee, putting a slice of cheese in between two pandesals and slicing the pandesal and spreading peanutbutter in it.We buy pandesal from just about any bakery that sells it.

Now that I’m a mom and have a family of my own, I buy only Gardenia Pandesal. Why? Because it has ISO and HACCP Certification, meaning I can be guaranteed that it is clean and safe to eat. It is also enriched with vitamins and minerals which is good for my daughter. More so, unlike other pandesals it stays crusty on the outside yet soft in the inside, whether its hot or not.

Can you guess what’s our favorite way of enjoying Gardenia Pandesal??? Check out the video below.


 Our Favorite Ways of  Enjoying Gardenia Pandesal

Yup. Ykaie and I love eating Gardenia Pizza Pandesal not only for breakfast but also for merienda! It’s very easy to do and since you make it by using Gardenia Pandesal, it fits ykaie’s hand perfectly.

 Our Favorite Ways of  Enjoying Gardenia Pandesal

The ingredients I used to make our Gardenia Pizza Pandesal are those which I already have at home like cheese, pizza sauce, mushroom, pineapple bits, bell pepper and bacon. But you can put whatever toppings you like  or whatever you have at home like ham, hotdogs, onions. Put whatever you fancy.

For Ykaie, I only put cheese and bacon because she doesn’t like bell pepper and pineapple on her pizza pandesal.

Slice the pandesal in the middle and you have your pizza crust. Spread a thin layer of pizza sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese and put your favorite toppings. Bake in the oven until cheese melts. Yumm!! Homemade Pizza in minutes!

 Our Favorite Ways of  Enjoying Gardenia Pandesal

Here are two more delicious things I make with Gardenia Pandesal….

Gardenia Pandesal French Toast

There’s something about the scent of the pandesal toasting in the pan coming together with the vanilla, butter and milk that makes you look forward to breakfast and the rest of the day.

Lemon and Cream Cheese Bread Pudding with Lemon Curd Sauce

The recipes will be posted in a couple of days. Feel free to try them out and tell me how you like it.These are just some of the ways our family enjoy Gardenia Pandesal. How do you?

Check out Gardenia’s video on the many ways of enjoying Gardenia Pandesal.

Share your own video on how you enjoy Gardenia pandesal and win exciting prizes. Drop by Gardenia Philippines Facebook page to know how.

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22 Responses

  1. YUM! Love the pandesal topped with pizza ingredients…great and simple!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  2. wow this looks delicious and seems pretty easy to make! you both look so sweet too! thanks for sharing! 

  3. A ready to eat pandesal! No need to wake up early in the morning just to wait for pandesal! This is a good brand and i had it before when i was in the Philippines. They’re delicious especially on scrambled eggs too!!!

  4. Awe! That looks oh so delicious. To be honest with you mommy I am all pandesal-ed out! hahaha.. I have been baking pandesal like crazy for weeks now. I am so happy I know how to make pandesal because I miss the Pinas pandesal so bad! Just a while ago I had some pandesal with Nutella and Laugh’n Cow Cheese. So good! 🙂 Love your video as well. So cute!

  5. Ako naman, may palaman o wala basta pandesal, the best na for me! Mabuti dyan, madaming option. Dito naman, never kang makabili ng pandesal sa store kasi wala yan dito. However, lately I have been making my own pandesal using my discovered recipe so cravings satisfied na ako at ang pamilya ko. 

  6. Your pizza pandesal looks delicious! I’d like to make some of it at home. I’m sure Justin will be excited to help me do it. 

  7. That’s very creative both of you. I love french toast, but I love the idea of the pizza too! The problem is that I can’t find the pizza paste here in our place 🙁
    It’s also great to combine pandesal with fish.

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