Princess Deep Fryer Unboxing

The last time I unboxed a new kitchen gadget was last at the beginning of the year. It’s nearly Christmas, and I think it’s time I start opening presents around here. Let me start with this Princess Deep Fryer.

This Princess Deep Fryer is actually a semi-professional deep fryer. You can either use it at home or you can use it for your small business. It is in  brushed stainless steel and with large volume of 3 litres.

The fryer includes cord storage and deep-fry basket with removable handle and it can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning. The thermostat is adjustable up to 190ºC so you can also fry even frozen food.

The Princess Easy Fryer 3L is priced at ₱3,995 and it’s only one of the four (4) that Princess has. The other three are the following:

  • Black Fryer 3L- ₱3,495
  • Superior Fryer 3L- ₱4,995
  • Double Black Fryer 2x3L- ₱6,995

I am excited to try this baby tomorrow. I already have the ingredients for Fish and Chips which I think will be the perfect Saturday lunch.

Let me just say Thank you to Rustan Marketing Corporation ( they are the distributor of Princess Appliances here) for sending me this Princess Deep Fryer. Apparently, they know how much I love fried food, heehee…Thank you so much for sending me this early Christmas present..

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40 Responses

  1. wow, that’s a pretty neat gift! Isn’t it very expensive though? I can’t imagine the amount of oil that would need when used at home. Regardless, let me know how the frying goes!

  2. Nice kitchen gadget from Rustan’s! Hope next time, they’ll send in a Panini Press kitchen appliance for you to review.

  3. What a nice gift from Rustans. 🙂 Naku! This is what my husband has been telling me that we should get. Being the king of the kitchen, hindi ko gets why we need a separate deep fryer pa. So mukhang it’ll be helpful nga.

  4. I really love the polished look of this deep fryer. Please let us know how easily it cleans up!

  5. I was looking at a couple of fryers online on cyber Monday. My son has been wanting us to make alligator nuggets.

  6. This sounds like a pretty awesome deep fryer!!! I’ve been in the market for a new one so I might have to check this out 😉

  7. My mom had a deep fryer similar to this one when I was a kid and although she didn’t use it often, when she did she made some yummy stuff including homemade french fries, chips and so much more! Would love to have a deep fryer as well! I might need to invest in one!

  8. I love deep fried foods but never really had a deep fryer before. This looks like a perfect size too! 🙂

  9. Fish and chips is definitely a great way to break it in. I got my MIL and my oldest son and his wife deep fryers last year. They both loved them!

  10. I would so love one of these Princess Deep Fryers. This is for sure on my Christmas list. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This seems like a very nice kitchen gadget. The capacity is impressive. I am glad that it is a unit that can be used both for a business and home use.

  12. I love that this product is named ‘the Princess’! I’ve been seeing a lot of deep fryers being reviewed lately. It’s a really nice way to may your own fried fish, fries, and other indulgences with less mess.

  13. My husband was just mentioning the other day we need a deep fryer! This one looks amazing.

  14. This looks like a great deep fryer. We have one at home and we use it quite often to make french fries and homemade potato chips! Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoyed your fish and chips that you made with it!

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