Master Garden Restaurant in Malabon

Master garden Restaurant malabon

Master Garden Restaurant in Malabon

We’re about ten minutes away from Master Garden in Malabon. We always pass by this restaurant whenever we go to the Bayan Wet Market where we sometimes buy our weekly fresh produce at home. I don’t know why we’ve never tried it. Maybe we were intimidated by the decors outside thinking the food aren’t budget-friendly. Well, it certainly looked like one of those expensive Filipino restaurants, so you can’t blame us.

But we were really in for a surprise when we were finally able to try it.

Master Garden Restaurant in Malabon

Upon entrance, you’ll be greeted by a big LED screen, wooden tables and chairs that denotes modern but casual Filipino dining. You’ll find a sorbetero’s cart and photos of popular Malabon dining spots in the center alongside a miniature deep well. Dining is Al Fresco, cooled by fans and air coolers imbibing a Filipino fiesta feel — festive, homey, and familiar.

Master Garden Restaurant in Malabon

It was a hot day, I ordered the Master Garden Iced Tea, which gave out hints of orange, to cool me down and prepare me for the delicious things that were about to come.

Wait no further and let me show you what we had for lunch that day.

Master Garden Restaurant in Malabon

The Buencamino Oysters (₱185) will always be my favorite. I love simple oyster dishes like this — simply garlic butter baked oysters. They have another oyster dish on the menu, though, which is called Tungkab Biyaya, it has bechamel sauce and cheese.

You can have the Sinuglaw (₱385) as an appetizer, with rice, or as a beer match. It’s fresh Tuna kinilaw mixed with grilled pork belly, bell peppers, and tomato.

The Baby Squid in Olive Oil (₱225) turned out to be sis’s favorite. We’ve been to Master Garden twice and she always orders these tender baby squids that’s cooked in olive oil and garlic.

You might be wondering who’s Pepe in Kalderetang Baka ni Pepe (₱225). They told me but I forgot because it was so good. Tito Pepe’s secret tomato sauce has my thumbs up!

The Baby Back Ribs (₱395) is tender, smoky, and perfectly cooked. It is served with buttered veggies and more sweet and smoky barbecue sauce on the side.

Adobong Kambing ni Master (₱285) turned out to be a dry adobo. I was expecting an adobo with sauce but I think I like this one much better.

As far as vegetable dish is concerned, I like  their version of Pinakbet (₱195). The sauce is thick and it’s topped with fried pork belly that has crispy skin.

Picasso (₱335) is a bit intriguing for me. According to the menu, it’s pork chop slices cooked in sweet native tomatoes with salted egg on the side. Somehow, the medley works and it’s really good with rice.

Master Garden Fried Chicken (₱245) is deep fried chicken that is served with gravy. It iss also served with some Kamote fries on the side.

Seafood Sinigang (₱365) combination of different kinds of seafood such as shrimps, mussels, and fish in tamarind soup served in a palayok.

For dessert, they served us two Suman (rice cake) desserts. First was the Chocolate Suman (₱60) which was suman dipped in chocolate syrup.

And second was the Chef’s Dessert (₱70) which consists of suman, vanilla ice cream, and a piece of ripe mango.

Theme Family Room KTV

You know what’s most surprising about our Master Garden visit? Finding out they have Family KTV rooms and events place!

Yup, they have rooms that could cater to small and large group of family or friends who would want to spend time together singing their hearts out!

If they get tired of singing, they can also just watch movies or play games.

All  for a consumable packages that are affordable!

Prices of the KTV packages range from ₱2,600 to ₱3,500 depending on the dishes included and the number of hours of stay.

Master Garden Events Place

Looking for an events place in Malabon that could cater up to 150 pax? Check out this glamorous function room at the third floor of Master Garden. It was surprising that they have it in there. I think you can rent this place out for ₱8,000.

If you’re looking for a smaller function room, they also have one that would fit 50 to 70 pax at ₱5,000.

Master Garden Filipino Specialty Restaurant is located at 7 Gen. Luna St. San Agustin Malabon City

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28 Responses

  1. I’m not sure if the ambiance or the food is selling this place for me but I’m really interested in visiting! It’s just gorgeous inside and has very unique features. As for the entree’s and desserts mmm… drooling a bit on my laptop here. =)

  2. Oh I’m loving the feel of this place and the food just looks amazing. I converted the prices and they’re even greater. If I’m ever here I would LOVE to eat here.

  3. Wow! Now that’s a feast! Everything looks so delicious! I would love to try quite a few of the entrees! Especially the ribs! I was surprised that the restaurant had a rustic vibe and then the Master Garden is contemporary, yet elegant. Looks like a gorgeous (and very large) venue!

  4. The Master Garden Restaurant in Malabon sound like an awesome place to dinner or even have a family get together. I love how they have spread rooms for families or parties. The food looks amazingly delicious. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Yum! Everything looks so good. I love oyster and squid, so I think those dishes would be my favorite. I would love to try everything on the menu!

  6. hello, same price pa rin po kaya as of to date? Kasi po we are planning to celebrate my mom’s bday sa Master Garden.

    1. nag changes po ba ang mga prices ninny poh
      kailang pah ba mag pa reservsion

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