Home Improvement: Revamping Your Home After A Major Damage

Home Improvement: Revamping Your Home After A Major Damage

Look For The Silver Lining

Sometimes terrible damage is a perfect renovation excuse—especially with the right homeowner’s insurance. For example, if you’ve had a plumbing emergency in the guest bathroom that flooded the whole space and ruined the carpet, it might be the perfect opportunity to install new fixtures and get a new carpet motif going.

There are some excellent faucets out there—you can even find affordable options which can simultaneously evince luxurious style and increase property value. Now that truly is a silver lining! The truth is, property that isn’t maintained depreciates regardless of the market or neighborhood it’s in—except in special situations where a certain geographical area becomes extremely valuable for some reason.

If there is oil or precious minerals found on dilapidated property, it will still bring high value. A cell phone company may need to install a tower on certain properties. Perhaps some development is coming through an area, and an old nasty house is right in their path—they may pay high dollar to entice the resident to move. But baring these special circumstances, unless you take care of your property carefully, it is going to degrade over time.

You want to add new licks of paint regularly, do some roofing work, replace carpets for wooden floors and vice versa. Ideally, you should do your homework beforehand and budget things carefully. You can add thousands of dollars in value to your house after renovation expenses.

Strategizing Home Maintenance

So perhaps, in the situation described earlier where the rug was ruined, your best bet wouldn’t be to install new carpet. Look at the costs of cleaning the carpet as opposed to installing new one. Then look at the state of your current carpet. You might just need to clean it—and don’t worry about chemicals and contaminants.

It turns out commercial carpet cleaning can be sourced that is environmentally friendly. There are companies that use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products that won’t harm your family or the environment.

Of course sometimes you’ll experience a water emergency when a remodel has just been completed.Sometimes even though a remodel would make sense, it’s just not the right time. In either scenario, you still need to have emergency contact information for repair services readily available. One of the most important services in this regard is plumbing.

Get An Established Plumber

When sourcing a plumber, you want one that is widely available. Plumbers like those available at https://www.plumbingfix.com/los-angeles: “…have the ability to work on residential…[and] commercial properties throughout the LA area, including: Downey, Burbank, Malibu, Long Beach, Hollywood, Torrance, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, Van Nuys, and Covina areas.”

A group of plumbing professionals who can reach diverse areas can be regarded as a well-established organization. Traffic alone is a nightmare in Los Angeles area. In order to properly serve customers, such a business must have multiple professionals and an infrastructure defining operations.


Sometimes your silver lining will be getting excellent service which prevents the problem from happening again. You should always be looking for improvement solutions. In California alone, a 5.1 kWh solar energy system will increase property value $20k and result in a tax break. If you’re savvy in acquisition, you can purchase good quality solar panels and install such a system for around $5k. Food for thought.

When you approach revision strategy, always look for that which brings the most value and costs the least. In this way such upgrades are essentially deferred payment.

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    use strong marble than before use. rebuilding your house after an insurance claim. damage house totally depend on material affected by to dry up. reconstruction in take some fix time

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