Baker’s Dozen : A Food and Pastry Fair

We were at Rockwell yesterday and we accidentally stumbled upon the Baker’s Dozen.Lucky us!! It was food heaven!

Taken from the 3rd floor

Photo taken from the first floor

The Sweet Life’s bestseller: Brazo de Mercedez Ice Cream
We got to sample this yummy treat and it was sooo good.Layer of merengue,custard cream and, I think it was custard ice cream underneath.We didn’t buy one,though.The thing would have melted before we even get to take it home.

The Sweet Life cupcakes

MJDS Pantry
They have different types of breads and spreads.They also have multicolored Nachos and different types of dips.We bought a bag of chips and a bottle of Salsa from them.Their Salsa is delicious..
Xocolat was also there! These are their chocolate beverage.
They have sample of their cookies and brownies as well as their chocolate beverage but we only got to sample the brownies..tsk,tsk.
Piles of brownie goodness
Bought Peanut Butter brownie for my Peanutbutter
(He loves Peanut Butter)
Baker’s Dozen will be at the Powerplant Mall all weekends of September to December
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8 Responses

  1. Super delicious? Are you attending the Pink Kitchen on Saturday? Di ko alam paano kukuha ng tickets!

    My WS are posted here and here. Please drop by if you have some time. Thanks!

  2. Oh wow I love it. You did a wonderful job.

    This was only my 2nd one. and I love doing it.

    You got some great shots!!:-)

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