My sister just started blogging. You can visit her site at the link below…

Welcome to the Blogosphere sis!

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  1. HI Mommy Peach!
    I have been viewing your and your sister’s blog for about 10 years now. It started when I thought of a Tinkerbell themed party for my baby girl who was turning one then. That was in 2010 and Ykaie’s party particulars were the only ones that made sense! (especially the Tinkerbell rescue costume)
    Anyway, I am really writing because it’s close to Christmas again and I just found out that your sister’s blog no longer exists (crying emoji). You see, that blog is my go-to site when I start to plan for our Christmas celebration because it’s chocful of fun stuff and ideas and the fact that your whole family contributes makes me glad. Also because everything’s tried and tested and all in one place.
    Sure she stopped updating it since 2013 or earlier but I still check it out from time to time. A long time must have passed because blogspot may have decided to purge their site of inactive blogs.
    May I know if she transferred it somewhere?
    Allow me to thank you for the food, travel, and product info you’ve imparted to me all these years. I really, no, my family, really appreciate it.

    God bless and always stay safe!

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