La.Pi.S: hot drinks – Hot Calamansi

To top off my brunch of Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew) and Puto (Rice Cake), I had a cup of hot calamansi.I would say this is a refreshing way to finish off a meal and it can ward off the common colds too because it’s rich in Vitamin C.

Calamansi is Philippine lemon and is commonly used for cooking.It is known in the west as acid orange, calamondin orange, or Panama orange.

To make a cup of hot calamansi. Just get the juice of 3-4 calamansi. Add hot water. Put honey,sugar or artificial sweetener. Stir and enjoy! You can also put a pat of butter for a piping hot cup of comfort!

Happy Sunday!

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8 Responses

  1. Naalala ko tuloy, my mom was horrified to learn we had no access to kalamansi for years! Pano na daw ang kanyang apo?!

  2. Favorite ko ito lalo na pag medyo makati-kati na ang lalamunan at parang sisipunin. You’re right – it’s a rich source of vitamin C – and it tastes good too!

  3. I miss having calamansi juice…haaaaay! I prefer it than lemon kasi…Hve a nice week!

  4. over here in malaysia, it is called lime.. or kasturi.. add sugar and honey, yeah..but butter? gosh.. never tasted that before ..

  5. we have almost the same entry, except that mine is hot lemonade kasi wala rin kaming kalamansi (boohoohoo!).


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