Red Mango

I was thrilled when I heard that Red Mango, the pioneer of froyo who has converted almost everyone in the US, Bankok, Korea and Singapore into froyo fans, is finally coming to Manila.

They have established such reputation and being a froyo junkie I’ll never let this pass me by…I just have to try it.

So we headed to Trinoma to have a taste of this refreshingly tangy frozen dessert.
Medium Original Frozen Yogurt -6oz. (P115) with Kiwi and Mango topping (P30)
Large Green Tea Frozen Yogurt -8oz. (P155) with Blueberry and Almond Mochi topping (P30)
Red Mango Frozen Yogurt is delish but I still prefer The White Hat’s. It’s very balanced when it comes to creaminess and tanginess. Red Mango’s taste is a bit similar to Pink Citrus.
Red Mango
3rd level
Trinoma Mall
(in front of Toys R’ Us)

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8 Responses

  1. Oh yumm I want some soft serve
    I love all the Irish greenery today – come see all mine I am very Irish. thanks for sharing

  2. Hi!
    Looks really yummy! Even thought I’m not really found of Yogurt. Have a great day!!


  3. Simply marvelous here Peachy!! you take the best pictures of food. Food is a very difficult subject and you do it so well!!

    Happy day!!:-)))

  4. your photos look scrumptious. i’ve been trying to teach my taste buds to appreciate yogurt but it’s just not working.

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