Snack Swap #4

woot! woot! It’s Snack Swapping time again! Clap Sign-ups will be on March 13,2009. If you’re interested to join just go to It’s what we do! . Just to refresh you this is like an international community,organized to swap snacks.Members of the community are partnered to a member from a different country to swap with.So,you’ll get to taste some of the snacks from a different country or snacks that your country doesn’t offer.

These are the snacks that we got from Jill, (Tacoma, WA) last year when I joined Snack Swap round 2.And if you wanna see what I sent over to Jill,Click here: Philippines to US. It was around 6Kg of snacks! and we got the same in return…

This time I want a Non-US partner,from a country that has some interesting snacks to offer….

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The SNACKS has arrived! Weeeee…

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7 Responses

  1. i’ve been to the we swap snack site already and i’ve read some of the rules in snack swapping but a live journal account is needed before one can join. i really want to join coz you make it sound like it is so much fun so i made an account, the only problem now is how do i make sure that i can make it to the group? i read that the minimum amount is $15 (and still negotiable between partners), how about the postal fee, how much do you usually spend?
    i would really appreciate your response, you can reach me at:

    just leave a comment or a shout. thank you very much!

  2. Peachy, I wanna join! But this is only for livejournal account holders?

    I did have an LJ before (early 2006) but I have forgotten my uid and pw 🙁

  3. wow wow wow

    i love that kind of group kaso cant afford to but alot oif snacks and freight it to a foreign partner 🙁

  4. This is pretty cool! Looks so interesting…I didn’t know this things were happening, Ha! So, amusing!

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