GoNuts Donuts Cookies

I definitely needed the sugar rush yesterday because I was running errands left and right. So when I passed by GoNuts Donuts all I heard were those cookies from the cookie jar calling my name..

Li’l choco chip cookies that’s baked to perfection. Sis said they’re a Mrs. Fields wannabe but if theres no Mrs. Field’s on sight, this would definitely do. They’re soft and full of flavor and only P5 each. I got a box of 12pcs for P70.
I couldn’t resist to take a picture of those amazing donuts.
Pardon me for the bad picture here.I was using my celfone camera….. couldn’t wait to eat one.
This is my entry for today.

Happy RT everyone!

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9 Responses

  1. Of course I should lose weight…but not here and not today! A sweet donut with a cup of strong coffee…we do need to treat ourselves sometimes!

  2. This is a yummy entry for RT, Peach. At first glance, i thought you have this inside your kitchen.

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