Mojito Bay

Our peanutbutter‘s search for the perfect mojito brought us to try The Mojito Bay a.k.a. Mojito Bar.

Mojito Bay is a part of a company that also owns Cafe Adriatico and Cafe Havana and is known for,well, its Mojito.

 The interior is like Modern-Filipino- Carribean Fusion.
Classic Mojito (P115)
Crushed mint leaves, ice, white rum, lime juice, soda and sugar syrup makes up this drink.peantubutter was able to down two of these. I’d say its better that the Mojito we had at The Acuatico Beach Resort.
Peach Berry Craze (P110)
I had a virgin cocktail because I don’t really drink.The taste of the peach is overpowering but the overall taste is good. I love peaches!
I will try to make a Mojito for peanutbutter one of these days.
Ykaie is having one of her tantrums. She wants to play with the camera.
Hainanese Chicken Rice (±P300)
It’s white chicken which comes with three sauces. The sweet brown sauce , minced ginger sauce and hot sauce. This dish comes with rice and soup. Ykaie loved the soup and finished it all by herself.
Mojito Bay
Entertainment Section, SM Mall of Asia, 
Bay Boulevard, Pasay City

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  1. ang cute mag tantrums ni ykaie. he he. mukhang masarap yung sa drink mo. ako din di ako umiinom ng may alcohol.

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