Pork Lungs on a Stick

Yup, you read it right. One of the many Streetfoods here are these are thinly sliced pork lungs and beef fat marinated in the vendor’s special sauce and fried.

The vendor and his cart. He lives near our neighborhood and  according to him selling fried pork lungs sends his three kids to school.
The pork lungs are very tasty. A balance of sweet and salty. He needs very little oil because of the beef fat. I believe it also add to the flavor of the lungs.
The stick with four small pieces sells for P1/stick
These I bought for P5/stick ($0.10)

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4 Responses

  1. guys please help, can you tell me the step by step process on how to cook this fried baga on stick.thank you so much!!!

  2. Step 1 – Buy fresh lungs

    Step 2 – Cut into small pieces

    Step 3 – Put the pieces in stick

    Step 4 – Fry for 2-3 minutes

    Step 5 – Enjoy!

  3. The sauce it’s depends on your taste. Like me I use 10 pcs. calamansi, 1 cup of vinegar of your choice, 2 onion head chop, garlic (optional), chilies finely chops is depends on you also, 2 tsp. of brown sugar, 1 tsp. Salt, soy sauce just to balance the color (optional) because the brown sugar is going to give you the color. Sometime I use fish sauce instead of salt. Experiment

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