Breast Implant Scandal

I was a little shocked when I heard the news that our president, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had breasts implants or breast augmentation. It was rumored that she checked in at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center early this week for a two day self quarantine after returning from her trip to Japan, Colombia, Brazil and Hong Kong to have these breasts implants removed because they are leaking.

The presidential spokesperson,however, admitted that she did have her breast done 20 years ago but denied that this is the reason why she was admitted to the hospital. He said that the president found lumps on her breasts and groin and biopsies were done.The result is negative and the president is in good health. Well, my shock wore off after I found out that those breast implants were done in the 80’s. Up to now, people do it all the time, what’s new about it?

Everything can be changed nowadays with the use of cosmetic surgery.Name it and it can be done.Like breast reduction, for example. Women with flat chests wants bigger breast but they don’t know that women with big breasts suffer from physical discomfort and bad posture, back pains and shoulder pains. Breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat from the breast to create a new size and shape that will provide comfort and boost confidence.

The only thing that you will have to think about is where will you have it done or who will do it for you? Well, if I’m going to undergo cosmetic surgery I prefer to travel and be operated by the most skilled and competent surgeons in the world at MYA Cosmetic Surgery. I trust their 25 years of experience and not only that they also offer an affordable and flexible finance package.You won’t look anywhere else because they also offer a full range of surgical and non surgical procedures.

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