Guggul to Lower Cholesterol

Since peanutbutter came home from overseas three weeks ago, we’ve been doing nothing but go out, have fun, bond with each other and eat in different restaurants. And when we stay at home, I cook delicious food and then we eat some of the chocolates that he brought home for dessert.  Sometimes those food that we cook tend to be fatty and has high cholesterol content because let’s admit it, deep fried ruffle fat and lechon are delicious.

I’ve probably gained all the weight that I lost two months ago. So when peanutbutter leaves next week, hopefully I can begin on cutting down on sweets and rice and completely avoid those visibly fatty fatty food. I know they are not healthy at all. I have to get my cholesterol checked. {yikes!} I’d should try some health supplements too along with my diet, like Wheat Grass and Guggul.

I made a research and found out that Guggul,the yellowish resin (or gum) that is produced by the Commiphora mukul tree, a small, thorny plant that grows throughout northern India is used to treat arthritis, skin diseases, pains in the nervous system, obesity, digestive problems, infections in the mouth menstrual problems and high cholesterol.

I hope I can lose 15lbs in a month…along with all those sugar and cholesterols.

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  1. hi ! I heard about GUGGUL , where can i find some pure powder of it in the Philippines ?
    Thanks .

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