Yesterday was lunch out with peanutbutter♥. I was looking forward to a nice lunch out at Persia Grill but peanutbutter is not as adventurous in eating as I am and he wants something more Filipino so we ate at Marina instead.

Marina is known for serving Ilonggo dishes and seafood specially oysters. You can also eat all the plain rice, adobo rice and bagoong rice (shrimp paste rice) you can eat for P40/$0.83.

Dipping sauce: Vinegar with garlic, soy sauce, calamansi and bird’s eye chili.
Small Grilled Squid (P290/ $5.90)
I love squid specially when it’s cooked just right because once you overdo it, it becomes rubber-y. This serving is good enough for two and is perfect with adobo rice.
Lato Salad (P130/ $2.60)
Lato is a seaweed which comes from the sea. It’s like a miniature grapes characterized by a slighlty salty taste and is very good when paired with fried or grilled fish. I thought it would be nice to pair it with the squid but it was not because they have almost the same texture.
Seafood CoCo and Chili Sauce (P 270/$5.50)
A mixture of fish, shrimp, baby clams, crab, and squid in creamy coconut sauce. it is actually good but the shrimp did not taste fresh. I was really disappointed with the shrimp but everything else tastes great.

For dessert, we ate the chocolate covered cherries we bought from Cacao.

I’ll make sure I choose where we eat for our next lunch date…. Grin

Sky Garden
Quezon City
332 3462


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