Almon Marina

Yesterday, peanutbutter and I attended a seminar which left us hungry by late afternoon.
Beef Minestrone Soup [P68/$1.47]

Usually, minestrone soups has a very thin and clear soup. Almon Marina’s Minestrone has a thick and  creamy consistency. The small beef pieces made it more flavorful and tasty!
Lamb Kebab [P180/$3.91]
The Lamb Kebab plate came with rice pilaf, buttered veggies and a small dollop of mint sauce. I was always curious about the mint sauce. I’ve read about pork and mint sauce from my favorite comic book before and I’ve always wondered how pork and mint would taste together. One time, I was even tempted to buy bottled mint sauce from the grocery but decided against it because the mint sauce was a little pricey for an experiment and I’m not even sure if I’m going to like it.Now, I’m seriously considering making something like beef and mint sauce…
Roasted Chicken, Pasta,Salad and Garlic Bread[P185/$4]

This is one of their Pasta reload combo. Pasta Sauce choices are: Bolognese, Puttanesca and Alfredo.
Almon Marina
2/F Robinsons Place Manila, 
Pedro Gil St. 
Ermita, Manila
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