Dakasi {Bubble Tea Shop}

After three fun tiring hours at the Window of the World, our tour guide Joan picked us up and took us to dinner at the same restaurant. Before taking us to the hotel, she brought us to the shopping district  so we can do a little shopping.

peanutbutter, ykaie and I roamed around the busy street looking for food or things that we can bring home to friends and loved ones. We bought some dried Kiwi and Champoy. Ykaie looked for a toy she can buy but we couldn’t find any that doesn’t resemble the things that can be bought from Divisoria.

I wanted to buy some milk tea. We saw that there were a few branches of Dakasi all around the place and that people are lining up to buy their drinks. We decided  to buy a couple of drinks too.

If you can remember, peanutbutter‘s jaw hurts that time so he went for the classic milk tea without bubbles. Of course mine has bubbles! Classic Milk Tea is soo delicious!

Ykaie tried one sip and she didn’t like it.

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10 Responses

  1. oh i love that…but unfortunately they don’t have bubble tea shop here, i wil definitely have it once i get back home! miss it. akin na lang iyang saýo ykaie? 🙂 visiting you from YS and wishing you a great week. 🙂

  2. I am not very adventurous with milk tea. After trying out Moonleaf, I stopped like other brands hehe 🙂

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