Kangaroo Jack Steaks and Grill

Bulalo Steak [around P160/$3.50]

KJ’s Bulalo Steak turned out to be a great disappointment. For one, it has a very small serving in comparison to Razon’s. Second, is that it has a small empty marrow that, I think, is just there for decoration so you’d know that it is Bulalo Steak that you are eating.

T-Bone Steak [around P160/$3.50]

I love steaks. I’ll eat steak whenever its available, wherever it’s sold. This T-Bone steak? I’ll never eat this again. This is really dry steak.

Aglio Olio Pasta

The only good thing is that Ykaie loves pasta that has almost no sauce in it. She ate half of this pasta and everybody is happy because she’s happy.

I’ve been to KJ before and I had a nice experience. Probably another thing that contributed to the bad experience is our waiter who’s really not friendly at all. He didn’t smile, he didn’t even pay attention when we asked for water and worcestershire sauce. He also looked bored as hell when he was taking our orders.

Kangaroo Jack
2/F main bldg

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2 Responses

  1. Yup, the food at KJ is a joke, the Aussies should sue them for ripping off their name and ambiance.  
    And why is it that every review I read always mentions the unfriendliness of the staff?  Good grief, didn’t these guys eat at Jolibee even for once in their lives and experience good ol hospitality to become inspired when they themselves become waiters?  
    Sa Jolibee kahit regular Yum lang ang order mo or makikiCR ka lang, the crew is always courteous and friendly.
    Verdict: Kangaroo Jack is one glorified carinderia (no offense to the good carinderias out there who serve good food.)

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