The Complimentary Breakfast at El Cañonero, Puerto Galera

Complimentary Breakfast at El Cañonero, Puerto Galera |

Complimentary Breakfast at El Cañonero, Puerto Galera |

I’d be lying if I told you that the sound of the ocean woke me up. I woke up because I don’t sleep comfortably if not in my own bed and because I am a morning person. My body clock rings when the real world clock hits 5am.

The sound of the ocean was a welcome change at 5:30am as opposed to the quiet sound of our house at the same time, you know, the silence of the sleeping city. I gathered my senses and walked out of our musty room.

Cold weather and breathtaking view — I should be holding a cup of my favorite coffee.

I looked around and tried to search for a store, a restaurant –somewhere to buy even that 3in1 type of coffee. Closed. All the establishments are still closed at this hour. I must be the only one awake.

I took out the laptop and searched for a picture of a mug of coffee and stared in envy… waited for the sun to wave hello and for the kind restaurant staff to offer me coffee.

Complimentary Breakfast at El Cañonero, Puerto Galera |

They said that our reservation includes a complimentary Continental Breakfast.

It is simply instant coffee, toast, butter and jam…

But there’s something about those toast and butter and jam when eaten lazily while admiring the view and taking in some salty, morning air.

Complimentary Breakfast at El Cañonero, Puerto Galera |

And there’s nothing like coffee, even if it’s just instant coffee, when  it hits your throat upon first sip.

Complimentary Breakfast at El Cañonero, Puerto Galera |

Breakfast was simple. The food wasn’t special. It was nothing to rave about.

But I appreciated that moment…that serene morning… that view.. and the friendly people that makes up that resort.

Complimentary Breakfast at El Cañonero, Puerto Galera |

It’s one of my best mornings.

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11 Responses

  1. That is one great view. Nice to have breakfast while looking at the great ocean and the clouds.

  2. I haven’t had that morning, and I am so looking forward to just wake up on my own, in a quiet place, with no kids but me and my husband. When is it going to happen? only time can tell 🙂 

  3. What a nice place to have breakfast! I never been to Puerto Galera but i heard good beaches down there. I hope i will have the chance to visit this place someday and enjoy my breakfast as well as much as you do.

  4. Oh! Gee! Your photos are captivating. Really. Never mind the breaky^_^. Hot coffee’s enough for you marvel the beauty of the place.

  5. I am loving the place already and I miss the ocean. I do agree about the breakfast, nothing special and I wish they could have at least offered you guys some resh fruits being in the Philippines with fresh fruits available? LOL! I would rather have some fruits in the morning really than jam and jelly. Anyway, good thing the view was beautiful. 🙂 I miss Pinas. Thanks for sharing, mommy.

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