Street Pearl Shakes (Mobile Bubble Tea)

Street Pearl Shakes (Mobile Bubble Tea)
Street Pearl Shakes (Mobile Bubble Tea)

This is a typical morning. Ykaie thought this is the ice cream man and she was asking me to buy one for her. She’s not allowing the mobile shake vendor to pass by her so she positioned herself in front of it.Can you see peanutbutter in the background?

Street Pearl Shakes (Mobile Bubble Tea)

Bubble Tea or Pearl Shakes is a very popular drink nowadays. It is usually flavored teas or milkshakes with chewy tapioca pearls.This is perfect for the now starting Summer.

Street Pearl Shakes (Mobile Bubble Tea)

You can find these in malls or kiosks but they’re a little pricey when you buy them there. These mobile pearl shakes are more affordable. Although you’ll find mostly artificial flavors, now everyone can afford to buy them.
There are four flavors to choose from: Chocolate, Rocky Road, Cappuccino and Buco-Pandan [Coconut-Screwpine].


Ykaie chose Buco-Pandan [Coconut-Screwpine]. I know she did just because of the color.

Street Pearl Shakes (Mobile Bubble Tea)

A Sakto serving of Buco-Pandan flavored Pearl Shake for P10.00 [$0.22].

Have a great weekend everyone!

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