Cafe Via Mare

Today, I attended an event at the Cafe Via Mare in Power Plant Mall. I had fun “chatting” with fellow mommy bloggers about  baby sleep. Honestly, when lunch came, I was a little excited because it’s my first time to eat there and I’ve heard a lot of good things about their food.

The food in the picture above is, I think, pinakbet and fried pork.The fried pork tasted like bacon and it went well with the veggies. I loved how the veggies are cut really small… the pinakbet at home usually has big chunks of veggies…

Who doesn’t like squid? Specially breaded fried squid with really delicious sauces?? Tell me, I’ll let them swim in squid ink until their skin turns black.

Now, why haven’t I thought about making boneless milkfish as Sinigang at home? It saves you the hassle of taking of all the little fish bone while eating. I love how their sinigang tastes, the milkfish is not overpowering.
I will have to come back at Cafe Via Mare with my friends to try some of the other dishes. Heck, I wish I could treat them to all of the dishes on the menu. I wish I could just have the cashier issue some official receipt, stamp those receipt with one of those rubber stamps with the date and the word paid on them, then reimburse it somewhere….

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