Cheese – Perfect snack for SBD

One thing I love about SBD is that you get to snack twice a day. Snacking prevents you from going hungry, therefore prevents bingeing. I always find myself gorging on a lot of food when I get hungry that’s why this is the only diet that works for me. String Cheese are perfect because they have the lowest fat but a few slices of any low fat cheese will do. I also love these Laughing Cow cheese. They taste great and they have a variety of flavors. I love the Tomato and the Blue Cheese flavor.

I’ve been watching and downloading love stories these past few days. So far, I’ve watched my ultimate favorite movie- The Family Man -which I never get tired of watching and bawling over and over again..I’ve watched Monster In Law  and While You Were Sleeping. Now, I’m watching Autumn in New York. The one starring Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. peanutbutter says he looks like Richard Gere. I think it’s the eyes…

I think………………………………………. I’m officially lovesick. {I miss peanutbutter‘s eyes}

Do you think eliminating carbs from your diet makes you lovesick?? Do you??

Naaah. I didn’t think so too.

Maybe all I need are new shoes…{hinthint}. Shoes as in women’s shoes. Pretty, elegant, cute women’s shoes. I haven’t bought shoes in ages. Flipflops maybe, but not shoes. Well, I don’t buy shoes a lot because I don’t get to use them often. I could use just a good pair or two. Maybe I’ll finally convince myself to buy those fitflops I want so much when I lose at least five lbs.

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