Gerry’s Grill

Sizzling Sisig {P175/$4.00}
Gerry’s best seller. Made up of finely chopped grilled and fried pork cheeks and ears, seasoned with chopped onions,soy sauce and calamansi
I go to Gerry’s whenever I have cravings for Sisig and they never fail to deliver. They always always always serve sizzling crispy Sisig everytime.
Crab Rice {P180/ $4.18}
I’m not so much into rice but when rice are flavored, I’m the first to get a serving.
Shrimp Tempura {sorry forgot the price}
Blue Marlin Steak (300g) {P340/$7.90}
They say you haven’t been to Gerry’s if you haven’t tried this and they are quite right.
Green Mango Salad {P120/$2.70}
chopped green mango, tomatoes, onions and shrimp paste
the perfect partner for anything that is grilled!
 Crispy Halo-Halo {P175/$4.06}
This is halo-Halo with a twist.Nata de coco, macapuno and other ingredients of halo-halo wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried.
Gerry’s Grill
2/F Trinoma Mall, North Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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