Kapihan sa Balsa sa Niugan

Balsa sa Niugan is a unique restaurant known as a floating restaurant because you get to dine on bamboo rafts or balsa floating over water. It used to be just a fishpond before it became a restaurant and now, they opened up a small coffee shop much to my delight. I never frequented the place even if it’s near my home. I’m not really a fan of their dishes although some of the people I know kept on raving about how good their Sisig is, including peanutbutter.

There’s free Wi-Fi but when I was there, there are only limited choices of pastries available.

They also have tea for people who doesn’t like coffee. My first time to encounter this Dilmah brand. I wonder if its good..hmmnn.

Cappuccino and Oreo Cheesecake

The prices of their coffees and pastries are competitive if you’ll compare it to coffee shops like Starbucks and CBTL. Coffees are priced from P70 {$1.60} to P120 {$2.70}. This is for hot, iced and ice blended. The taste can finely compete as well.
Caramel Ice Blended Coffee and White Choco Chip Cookie
Had it been possible, I would have done what was on the photo on the left,LOL! I was in the mood for something cold that night so I ordered this Iced Blended Coffee. It paired nicely with everything as all of us shared the pastries we ordered.
Blueberry Cheesecake, Caramel Macchiato, Mocha Ice Blended Coffee and Cinnamon Swirl
The prices of the pastries ranges from P50 to P110 {for the cheesecakes}. I will definitely be back for more coffee if I have time.

#3 M. Aquino Street
Barangay Niugan
Malabon City

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