Mang Inasal

Vinegar, Inasal sauce and Soy Sauce

Mang Inasal chicken barbecue slowly replaced Jollibee Chickenjoy as my daughter’s favorite fast food meal. The reason is because she loves eating with her hands. The Filipino manner of eating with the hands is encouraged at Mang Inasal. They have videos on how  to enjoy eating their chicken barbecue by hand and  there’s a sink/washbasin for both adult and children at this branch near us. Ykaie loves washing her hands on that sink because its just right for her height.

Paa with Rice {P97/$2.25}
quarter chicken inasal with rice 

Mang Inasal’s Chicken barbecue is sweeter if you’ll compare it to the authentic Inasal-style of cooking but judging by how it popular it is now, I’d say almost everyone loves it.Filipinos loves a little sweetness in what they eat hence, the Pinoy-style spaghetti.

Another thing to love here: you can eat as much rice as you can.

Mais con Hielo {P39/$0.90}
shaved ice, corn kernels and milk topped with ube ice cream

This kinda reminds me of Christmas because of the colors. Seeing this, I reminded myself that I should buy gifts early to avoid Christmas rush. I already have a lot of gift ideas for family and friends anyway. Toys for the kids, bath sets for my cousins and probably a prescription sun glasses for one of my favorite cousins {you know who you are}. He is the only one who wears glasses and when the sun is up, he couldn’t change to sunglasses. It ruins his fashion statement, he says. Well, I think sunglasses would make his get-up, and since he wears glasses, -prescription sunglasses would be perfect for him.

“the extra” asked her picture taken with her favorite meal….
…and with my dessert too. She was really in the mood for picture taking before dinner.
Mang Inasal
10th ave. cor. Mabini St.
Caloocan City

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