Ykaie’s 3rd Birthday- Tinkerbell Party

Ykaie celebrated her third birthday with a Tinkerbell Party. It’s just a small party with her cousins as fairies and ykaie as Tinkerbell.  The fairies are: Shy, Thea, Chellie, Cyra, Cyvrine and Yanna.

Unlike her Dora Garden Party {her 2nd birthday}, where we invited some neighbors and friends, yesterday was a kind of an intimate party. We didn’t really prepare a lot of food because the party is focused on the kids and only a few adults were present at the party.

Tinkerbell plates, utensils and cups..

a fairy for each cup…

What’s on the Fairies’ table?

Fairy Wand and Pixie Dust: Lollipops and popping candy dips..

Strawberry Jam Sandwiches….

Star-shaped sugar cookies…

Kiddie Trail Mix: almonds, walnuts, banana chips, nips, strawberry pretzels, raisins and green yogurt candy

Mint Choco-dipped and strawberry choco-dipped marshmallow pops…

Strawberry Jelly

Star-shaped chicken nuggets..

Grapes and Strawberries– sneaking fruits to balance all those chocolates and candies!

mint chocolate and strawberry chocolate flowers

chocolate-covered crushed oreo balls


Lime Lemonade, a drink that both kids and adults enjoyed

Keeping it green..*wink* – Pesto Spaghetti with Sausage

Steak, bell pepper and caramelized onion on Ciabatta. Believe me, this taste so much better than it looks…

We had Ice Cream for dessert…with lots of toppings!

Ykaie had so much fun on her birthday celebration! We are excited for next year’s celebration. We already have a theme in mind…LOL!

Happy Happy 3rd Birthday,Ykaie!

More party photos here

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14 Responses

  1. i hope you also get to feature how you were able to pull off those foods you prepared! i also want a tinkerbell birthday party for my niece.. 🙂 May I know where did you get the tinkebell spoons and fork? 🙂

  2. th is so cute. where did you get all the pictures of tinkerbell you use to describe your snacks?

  3. I love it where did u get the tinkerbell labels you had to describe the snacks and did u make the snacks ur self or did u order them

    1.  Hi. I printed those labels out and the snacks were homemade.. =) Thanks for dropping by….

    1. We made the banner and had it printed at a shop that prints calling cards, invitation, and posters

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