Cheesy Garlic Bread with Real California Cheese Queso Blanco


I guess you won’t find me doing many Christmas-y stuff this year. There is just so many things I am still adjusting to like: Spending our first Christmas in our new house. I am very excited because this is going to be our first holiday here at home. We are hosting and cleaning up didn’t… 

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Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake at SM MOA


It’s not everyday when I see The Peach Kitchen header on top of a delicious Japanese cheesecake. That’s why I was both surprised and delighted when I received this Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake with The Peach Kitchen header on top of it. Unlike its American counterpart, which is dense and made up of crushed graham, cream… 

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₱9 Ebi Tempura and Other Promos for Sumo Sam’s 9th Anniversary!


Happy 9th Anniversary Sumo Sam! Yes, you read it right. Sumo Sam will be celebrating their 9th Anniversary on December 23, 2014. To thank everyone for their continued support Sumo Sam is offering a s few promos staring with ₱9 Ebi Tempura… Read on for more details… 9th Anniversary P9 Ebi Tempura Sumo Sam is… 

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Lady's Choice Macaroni Salad

Lady’s Choice Advanced Noche Buena Video and Lady’s Choice Macaroni Salad

Christmas is all about family. It’s about togetherness. It’s putting up Christmas decorations together with all the members of your family, helping each other prepare food for Noche Buena, hearing the Mass, and then sharing all the delicious food which you all prepared at midnight. Our Noche Buena won’t be complete without Macaroni Salad. It’s… 

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Fun Macaroni and Cheese Hacks for Foodies

Macaroni and cheese is one of the ultimate comfort foods. One bite of that cheesy and buttery goodness will almost instantly put you in a better mood. Though many people grew up eating boxed macaroni and cheese, many foodies now turn up their noses at the powdered cheese and old noodles inside those boxes. After… 

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Tuscano Italian Kitchen Unli-Pizza Giveaway!

Happy Sunday morning friends! I’m gonna make this short and sweet. I’m sure all of you are in a holiday rush these days, checking your Christmas list, shopping for gifts, and completing the ingredients for you Noche Buena menu. Let me just share with you  this wonderful Christmas treat from Tuscano Italian Kitchen. They have… 

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Krispy Kreme Christmas Doughnuts

Holiday Cheer with Krispy Kreme Christmas Doughnuts

We were about to go out of the house when these doughnuts arrived on our doorstep! Just in time for the Christmas season these fun, festive and delightful Krispy Kreme’s delectable line of doughnutsare ready to spread their holiday cheer. They are so cute and it seems like they are not for eating but for… 

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The Grill by Antonio's

The Grill by Antonio’s and Sky Ranch Tagaytay

After just a month, I am back again in Tagaytay. This time with my SIL, her husband and his family, my MIL and FIL, and of course, peanutbutter♥, and Ykaie. Having good Bulalo Soup is number one in our list that day, specially my FIL’s. We’ve tried many restaurants in Tagaytay including Leslie’s and Josephine’s… 

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How To Cook Balay Shells or Ugpan

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Balay Shells or Ugpan but I’ve seen them for time to time being sold at the local wet market near our place. I don’t remember this shellfish served at home but now that I regularly go to the market my curiosity is piqued! I actually made a mental… 

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Tokyo Tonteki

Tokyo Tonteki’s Thick and Tasty Pork Loin Steak is a Must-Try!

I’ve seen Tokyo Tonteki’s first branch in UP Town Center a few months ago and I’ve wondered, is it another Katsu place?. Katsu places have sprouted on every corner of the metro that I’ve started looking for something new and different. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Katsu. Every now and then I… 

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Nutella Hot Chocolate

Nutella Hot Chocolate

I have been on a coffee break for almost ten weeks now. Yup, you guessed it right……. because of the growing baby in my tummy. I’ve managed to replace my usual morning coffee with non-other than Milo. In the first weeks of my pregnancy, I prefer chocolate drinks that are not overly sweet nor chocolatey… 

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PS From Aeropostale Now Open at UP Town Center

PS From Aeropostale,  Aeropostale’s kid’s line for hip and cool kids ages 4-14 years of age,  is now open at the 2nd floor of UP Town Center in Katipunan. Last November 22, the brand was launched via a fun, family fair at the Atrium of UP Town Center.  A carnival set-up and a kids’ fair… 

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Solaire Opens It’s Sky Tower

The word luxurious always come to mind whenever I think about Solaire Resort and Casino, specially after our staycation there the other day. I didn’t know it could even be more luxurious with the opening of the Sky Tower, a spacious and opulent leisure complex encompassing new facilities for living in, gaming, dining and entertainment…. 

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Breaded Fish Fillet with Sriracha Mayo

Breaded Fish Fillet with Sriracha Mayo + A Princess Easy Fryer Giveaway!

I wanted to make Beer-Battered Fish and Chips to give my new Princess Easy Fryer 3L a try but my food preference has been a bit topsy-turvy these days. I ended up making Breaded Fish Fillet instead because I am craving for that crunch that only japanese bread crumbs can give. These Breaded Fish Fillet… 

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Trinoma Food Crawl

The first week of November was one of my most unforgettable week this month. I got to dine at five of best restaurants in Trinoma, thanks to Yummy Magazine and Trinoma for taking us to a gastronomic trip with the #TrinomaFoodCrawl. Our first stop was Ginza Bairin located at the first level of Trinoma. It… 

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What Makes the #NewBreed of Foodie Mommy?

Gone are the days when people most often go to restaurants because they are “tried and tested”. The #NewBreed of foodies now go out and try different restaurants because their palates crave for the adventure of trying out new cuisines. People are more adventurous now when it comes to food. Like me for example, I… 

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Using Toolboxes To Organize The House

Someone who does their work in the house needs to have something like Ranger toolboxes to make their home clean. The tools that are in use in the home workshop should be organized in a number of toolboxes that are easy to move around the shop. The home workshop can be organized easily with these… 

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