Sonya’s Garden,Tagaytay

 ykaie, me, my niece chellie, cousins ate nydia and ate thess and of course,sissy Rome of The Cuisineuer
 my sister anney is the one taking the photo

This year, I wanted to be away from Manila for my birthday so I had an advance birthday celebration in Tagaytay. I also wanted to celebrate it with my favorite people. Too bad peanutbutter‘s not here to celebrate with me. peanutbutter and ykaie are my most favorite people in the whole world.

Anyway, I treated everybody for lunch at Sonya’s Garden. Sonya’s Garden is a known bed and breakfast with rustic-garden theme. You can check-in and spend the night there or you can just drop by for a nice lunch or dinner. They also have a spa just in case you’re in the mood for a massage. Lunch at Sonya’s is a set menu worth P610 {$14.10} each. It is an eat all you can lunch served in sit-down style.

Lunch includes: Green Salad composed of lettuce, arugula, ripe mango,papaya, cucumber, jicama, shredded egg. broad beans and Sonya’s Secret Dressing {picture above beside the plates}

Freshly baked whole wheat sesame bread served with an array of toppings and dips: anchovies, mushroom paté, basil pesto, white cheese, tomato, and black olive tapenade. I love Sonya’s bread, it is really soft. I am addicted to soft bread.

Fettucine pasta with two kinds of sauces: Sun-dried tomato and chicken cream. The pasta also has a lot of different toppings: salmon belly, Shiitake mushroom, black olives, capers and ratatouille.

Roasted Chicken {P495/$11.50}
We had an extra order of Roasted Chicken courtesy of sis and of, course we ordered a cup of rice for ykaie and chellie. Kids love chicken and rice.

The meal ended with a nice cup of Tarragon Tea..

 …chocolate cake..
…banana rolls…

…and glazed sweet potato.

The last time I’ve been to Sonya’s was four years ago. It was a surprise birthday present from my then boyfriend,now husband peanutbutterNothing has changed from the menu but the restaurant got bigger.
Everyone had a nice lunch, next stop: One Tagaytay Place.
Sonya’s Garden
Barangay Buck Estate, 
Alfonso, Cavite
0917 5329097 /0917 5335140

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