Having a Straight Hair

My daughter Ykaie has really curly hair. My mom in law said that my husband’s hair {peanutbutter} was also like that when he was a child. I knew she didn’t get it from me. I don’t have a straight hair but mine wasn’t as curly as that. My hair has natural waves and is somehow spongy or loose. I hated my hair because and I used to envy my grade school classmates who has straight free flowing hair specially when the “One-lenghth” hairstyle became “in”. Everybody I know went to the salon and had her hair that way.

It was still that way until high school. My hair was in a permanent ponytail. Thank God for scrunchies!

In college, I discovered flat irons. I immediately saved money and bought one. They’re lifesavers. I would really iron my hair every single day before I go to school. I’ve had that flat iron until I was working as a barista at a coffee shop. I think sleek, long and straight hair suits me much better than a spongy and loose one.

Now, I have my hair rebonded annually and only use flat irons if there are special occasions

I wouldn’t be surprised one day if my daughter comes to me and says she wants to have straight hair.

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  1. Isn’t it funny how people just can’t be contented with their natural selves? I’m saying that because me, who has straight hair (with a little little bit of wave) have always wanted wavier or curlier hair. Every special occasion that requires me to dress up, I’d curl my hair, either by those plastic curlers or curling iron… and this has been happening since I was in prep! lol!

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