Sebastian’s FRO-YA {Frozen Yakult}

Like I’ve said yesterday, as I took spoon after spoon of my Blue Cheese Ice Cream, I needed something tart or sweet in between bites. Good thing Ykaie is eating frozen yakult ice cream, I ate a couple of spoons.

Ykaie and I both love yakult. I love it served in a tall glass……..on the rocks. This is even better. Since what they did is freeze yakult, it resulted into a smooth sherbet.

Frozen Yakult {P95/$2.18}

Ykaie loved it so much, she asked if she can have a second cup after finishing up this one. LOL!

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7 Responses

  1. I’m a big fan of Yakult and really wanted to try this…but I don’t think it’ll be available in the States though. 🙁

  2. wow naman … galing talaga ng sebastians. got to go there to try their limited blue cheese ..

  3. been taking yakult right after every meal with meat. so if this is made of that cultured milky goodness, i want to try this one too. i hope they didn’t put some artificial flavors that would compromise the healthy composition of yakult.

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