Magnolia Ice Cream Christmas Limited Edition 2010

Growing up, Magnolia Ice Cream has been a big part of my family. It never failed to accompany us on every special occasion and celebration. Magnolia pioneered the ice cream industry in the Philippines in 1925 and after a few years , it became the number one ice cream in the country. That’s is why I was shocked when it suddenly became Magnolia Nestle.

Like me, a lot of consumers got confused. I stopped buying Magnolia Nestle ice cream. The tub bore the brand name but it didn’t taste like the old Magnolia Ice Cream I was used to. No worries now, though, Magnolia is back and during a recent momblogger event, they introduced us to the three Limited Edition Flavorsthat they have this Christmas. I’ll start with the flavor that I liked best…

Apple Strudel
it’s prepared from the finest quality raw materials; contains apple cinnamon bits with crushed chocolate pretzels swirled with a combination of green and red apple ripple. Enhanced with creamy vanilla flavor.
I love how this flavor smell and taste. It’s also very chunky, the way I prefer my ice cream to be.
This is how it looks in the tub. Festive, don’t you agree?…with the swirls of red and greens.

 Caramel Cheesecake
it contains cheesecake bits with streaks of caramel ripple in a Vanilla Ice cream base
Those of you who follow my blog regularly knows how much I love cheesecake. This has lots of cheesecake bits!
See those caramel ripples?
I wasn’t able to take a photo of a single scoop of the last flavor, but it’ the one on the left.
Vanilla Praline
it contains cashew praline with streaks of caramel ripple in a Vanilla Ice cream base

I didn’t say that I didn’t like it.It was also very delicious but since I’m not a fan of praline, it didn’t become a favorite. Thank you Magnolia for letting us take home all three flavors for our families to enjoy!

All three flavors are available in supermarket, groceries, Monterey outlets and selected Petron treats and shops until February 2011.

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