The Baby

This happened a few weeks ago. Ykaie dreamt that she had a baby brother. When she woke up, she searched for her baby brother around the house but she couldn’t find him so she asked me. When I told her that she just dreamt everything she  broke out into a cry. I tried consoling her so she would stop crying but it took me a lot of tries because she wouldn’t accept my explanation.

I told her that her baby brother is still in my tummy and is still growing so he won’t be getting out soon. I also told her that he will be getting out when she turns five. Which reminds me that I better take care of my social security voluntary contributions so that I could be eligible for the benefits like maternity benefits and social security disability.

Good thing Ykaie accepted that explanation and me? I’ll be heading out to the social security office as soon as possible.

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    1. Hahaha..sinabi ko lang yon para di na sya umiyak.. She’s only 3 years old and the baby will be coming out when she’s five… nakakaloka… 2 years akong pregnant…

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