Snacks while Swimming

On the afternoon of our first day at Piña Colina Resort, we braved the cold weather and the cold water to have FUN!

After a fun few hours of laughing, picture taking, smiling and swimming everone got a little tired and a little hungry.

Guess what was waiting for us at the cottage just beside the pool?

Lots of chips, two kinds of dips and a pack of chunky choco chip cookies!

I ate a lot of everything. Those are some of my favorites in there specially Cheetos and Ruffles dipped in Salsa con Queso.

Look at all those satisfied faces!

I’ve been eating non-stop for the past three days and I think I will soon need natural colon cleansing if I want to keep my health.

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3 Responses

  1. me and yahmir are cheetos monsters ahaha. nice pool 🙂 look at ykaie, she know how to pose even while eating ahihi

  2. These foods are not as healthy as it seems to be but its delicious. I am always making sure that my kids wont consume a lot of junk foods because I know that it is not a healthy eating for kids.

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