Nam Tok : Thai Meat Salad

Laab is a type of Thai meat salad wherein ground meat is the main ingredient. Made with either chicken, beef, duck turkey or pork, it is mixed with chili, mint and assortment of other vegetables .

Namtok, on the other hand, is also a Thai Meat Salad but uses sliced beef or pork instead of ground.

This seasoning makes it possible to make a tasty Thai Meat salad instantly. Instructions at the back of the packet says:

1. Prepare 300g meat {beef, chicken or pork}<

– ground the meat for LAAB

– bake or grill the meat for NAMTOK

2. Add ¼ cup water and stir-fry until done, add contents of this packet and mix well.

3. Add fish sauce to taste. Garnish with shallots, mint leaves, spring onions. Serve with fresh vegetables.


fresh mint leaves
fresh mint leaves

Well, I think you cam make your own variation or prepare the salad according to your preferences. This recipe came from my Aunt Raquel. The one who lives in London. Remember her? she’s the one who swims in her pants..LOL! We couldn’t find any beef in the fridge at that time so we used chicken instead.


300g chicken fillet
4 cups cilantro {wansuy}, chopped
1 cup fresh mint leaves
3 shallots/red onion, chopped
3 tbsp fish sauce
3 tbsp calamansi juice
Laab Namtok Seasoning Mix


  • Pan grill chicken pieces and then cut into strips.
  • In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and toss.
  • Sprinkle with Laab Namtok Seasoning, depending on how strong you prefer it to be…I think around 2-3 tbsp is enough.
  • Serve with sticky rice on the side. {I ate it as is}

Nam Tok

I know a lot of people doesn’t like the strong taste of Cilantro. I used to hate it too but I learned to appreciate its flavor and the way it enhances a dish. This salad is a mixture of sour, salty and spicy and if you’re quite adventurous with food, I bet you’re gonna love it!

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