What’s for Breakfast?

Good morning!

I am waiting for the Taho Vendor today. Taho is soy pudding and it is one of my favorite breakfasts. Usually, when the taho vendor passes by our house in the morning, he brings freshly cooked taho. So you’ll get it nice and warm.

It is my daughter and my nieces favorite too. I buy a P10 cup everyday. I remember when I was still working a sales jobs at one of the call centers in Makati, I used to buy a tumbler of taho for P20 every single day at 3am. The taho vendor stands right outside the building with his two aluminum buckets of taho, tapioca and sugar syrup.

It became a favorite and a habit. The tumbler-full of taho lasts me until mid-morning when it’s time to go home.

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4 Responses

  1. Wow talaga naman nakakaingit ang mga pagkain diyan.  Na mimiss ko na yung taho every morning. 5 pesos pa rin ba ang isang baso 🙂

  2. Miss ko na ito…

    Aba P10 pa rin pala ang isang cup. Pero naaalala ko dati piso lang yung maliit na cup hehehe.

  3. Si Manong magtataho, walang palya magdeliver ng taho sa amin daily, rain or shine, i love it especially when still hot 🙂

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