An afternoon of Egg and Iced Tea

Still at Ngong Ping, aside from the Milo and Pineapple ice cream that we bought at the store on the right, we also tried out some things from the restaurant on the left.

The hard-boiled egg caught my attention because it seems like it has been boiled in water which has tea leaves and all other kinds of herbs that may give the eggs some flavor.

…while peanutbutter wanted the Red Iced tea. So we bought two eggs and a bottle of iced tea {HKD13}. Ykaie didn’t want to try the egg because it was brown. She said she would only eat eggs that are white.

The Iced Tea turned out to be authentic brewed tea. The egg has some flavor in it but I can’t say that it’s very tasty.

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3 Responses

  1. Yeah, I was wondering what those round-y things were, till you said they’re eggs. I thought they looked like they were over hard-boiled, semi-burnt. Lol! But maybe, that’s really how they prepare that kind of egg dish they have. 🙂

  2. whoa.. that’s healthy mommy.. I tried a similar fair in Singapore.. I am missing it.. 

  3. There are tastier variants of that egg, there are shops that sell it with cracks on the eggs so that the tea essence will go inside of it.

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