Dinner at Whites and Greens Resort

We stayed at Whites and Greens resort when we went for a vacation in Bohol. {Click HERE if you want to see where we stayed}. After swimming and going to Bohol Beach Club, we were kinda tired and we didn’t wanna go out so we decided to have dinner at the restaurant in the middle of the resort.

Our dinner took quite a while to cook. We were already hungry and we got so bored waiting for our food.

peanutbutter and ykaie were such goofballs and did all crazy things to keep us entertained.There’s free wi-fi at the restaurant and free flowing coffee but the resort doesn’t have any tv or radios. There’s this bookshelf  at the side of the restaurant. You can borrow some books there to keep boredom at bay.

One of our orders was Pork Sinigang because that was Ykaie’s favorite but there’s very little pork. You can’t even see them from this photo. I’d give you $3 if you can point out the pork in it.

We also ordered Sautéed Bittermelon, the taste was fine.


I guess this is what I liked the most in all of the dishes that we ordered…

Sweet and Sour Fish

The sweet and sour fish came out when everyone is done eating.

It may sound like we didn’t really like the food but we did. It’s just that we were expecting a little more from them.

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  1. sarap dami..akala ko pareho tayo entry..dami pala itong sayo:) ampalaya with egg is up..see yah!

  2. ang yummy tignan ng sweet and sour fish! visiting late from YS, have a great week. 🙂

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