Slice N’ Dice Char-Grilled Steaks

I have seen Slice N’ Dice everywhere when I was still working as a call center agent. I know that they serve affordable steak and they must serve delicious food as well for them to be able to  open lots of branches in the metro.

So I was really glad when I saw that they have a branch in Tutuban Mall. I told my sister that I wanted to eat lunch there. My sister and I  are both steak lovers. I prefer T-Bone and she prefers tenderloin steaks.

Their T-Bone Steak is P99 {$2.40}. It’s very affordable. The thing is, it was kinda cold when it was served, so I was wondering if it was freshly “char-grilled”. It seemed like it was pre-cooked {anticipating the rush of people during lunch time} and re-heated on the grill for a few minutes before it was served to us. I even asked the staff to re-heat it for us.

Steak and Mussels {P175/$4.16}

The mussels are okay. It was cold as well but I ate it anyway. It’s tasty because there are lots of garlic and cheese.

For the kids, {Cyra and Ykaie}, we ordered Steak Rice with Egg {P55/$1.30}. I am assuming that it is fried rice  mixed with steak drippings and pieces of steak. It was served with a dried sunny-side-up egg {which I know you can see in the photo} and gravy.

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14 Responses

  1. I have seen a lot of this, too, and I want to try their steak, but yeah, I guess cheap price meant “thin” steak. Still, I will try this given the chance.

    Happy new week!

    ps – “Sosyal” pala meaning ng “Shalani Soledad,” hehehe. 🙂

  2. marami na rin tong branches, they look good in pictures if see it in their ads and marketing collaterals, but at their price i highly doubt that they can produce good quality. i think Everything At Steak taste better and is probably the only value for money steak house around. 

  3. horrible experience for me to eat at slice n dice. my first time to eat here with my fiance last july 18,2011 @ 1:21pm i ordered 1 G.steak w/ plain rice 1jr. T-bone & 2 red ice tea’s. The food was good. But i cannot forget the experience of eating a G. steak with a “steel whool” aprox. 1.5cm in lenght’ unfortunately i think i swallowed some piece of it…a “steel whool” is kitchen tool used for deep cleaning and scrubbing of any kitchen tool or material. Maybe in slice N dice their using this steel whool for cleaning the griller or what so…. maybe you’re thinking if i didn’t notice the tiny piece of metal in the food before i ate it. Honestly i didn’t my speculation is that the tiny piece of metal is in the meat’ and i don’t know how the hell did that thing came along with the food i ordered! i took some pictures of it for evidence i still have the OR and some info’s about the manager and etc. 

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