Food at S & R Membership Shopping

Combo Pizza {P99/slice}

I love grocery shopping at S&R because they carry items or products which you can’t find at the local grocery store. The other day,  sis and I went there with the kids and before going inside the grocery, we decided to fill our tummies with the yummy food that they serve.

NY Pizza {P99/slice}

We ordered a slice of Combo Pizza and a slice of NY Pizza for the kids. Their pizza slice is a lot bigger than Sbarro’s. We chose to fill our tummies before grocery shopping because we tend to buy more food when do the groceries on empty stomachs..LOL!

Clam Chowder {P75}

The Clam Chowder was okay but it was served warm. I like my soup piping hot so I had to ask the staff to reheat it for me. Glad they were very accommodating and approachable.

Cinnamon Churros {P45}

Sis ordered one cinnamon churros for dessert. Good thing she did because all those pizza and the creamy clam chowder was overwhelming.

Ykaie and Cyra

I was very tempted to buy some of the ingredients of the dishes I’m planning to cook for the holidays like pumpkin spice, more dried cranberries, mascarpone and a few herbs. But I restrained myself, I haven’t done much planning yet because it’s too early. I haven’t finalized the dishes that we are going to serve for the annual family reunion. And I haven’t  even printed the holiday invitations.

Yup, I am excited.

Cyvrine, Ykaie and Cyra

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4 Responses

    1. Honestly, di pa ako nakapunta ng Makro..hehe…pero alam ko sa Makro local products ang available and they sell it for wholesale price.

       I think this is more like Costco, ang items nila mga imported items which you can’t find at the local grocery stores.

       Silver member kami so P400 annually. Yung gold member yata is P700/yr.

  1. ah, so one has to be a member to shop here? i remember one time i bought stuff at Avon(that was wayback 1998), buti nalang may isang member who was so kind enough to have me use her membership account. 🙂

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