Tokyo Tokyo New Sumo2Share and Snow Ice Variants

Tokyo Tokyo New Sumo2Share and Snow Ice Variants

Our family is an avid fan of Tokyo Tokyo Sumo2Share Meals. We feel that it’s worth our money since every meal includes two generous servings of two dishes of your choice, two servings of rice and two glasses of drinks. Last week, I attended the Tokyo Tokyo Autumn Affair where they launched a new variant of their Sumo2Share meal. The event was hosted by Nicole Anderson and of course, Tokyo Tokyo’s Brand Ambassador Daniel Matsunaga.

Tokyo Tokyo New Sumo2Share and Snow Ice Variants

Every Sumo2Share meal can combine any two of the following Japanese favorites; Beef Misono, Pork Tonkatsu, Prawn & Vegetable Tempura and Honey Chicken Teriyaki. Now, part of the options is the Fried Chicken Karaage. I was able to try a Chicken Karaage and Prawn & Vegetable Tempura Sumo2Share. It was perfect because you get chicken, seafood, and vegetables in one meal. Plus you can still get it for ₱299 per meal.

Aside from the new variant of Sumo2Share, Tokyo Tokyo also launched two new snow ice flavors.

Tokyo Tokyo New Sumo2Share and Snow Ice Variants

The Mud Pie Snow Ice which consists of a mouthwatering pile of creamy vanilla shaved ice, heaped with crushed Oreos and marshmallows, then drizzled with condensed milk and chocolate syrup, and topped with a cherry. Chocolate and vanilla is really the perfect combination and the black and white look of this snow ice flavor makes it elegant.

Tokyo Tokyo New Sumo2Share and Snow Ice Variants

On the other hand, Mango Float Snow Ice gives off a lot of color! There’s fresh mango bits and crushed graham sprawled on a bed of creamy vanilla shaved ice, topped with condensed milk, chocolate syrup and a cherry. This is recommended to those who love fruits as dessert.

Tokyo Tokyo Party Trays

Since it’s the holidays and everyone seems to be busy, Tokyo Tokyo launched their party trays that are good for groups of eight to ten. Now there’s no need to worry about what to bring for potlucks, family reunions, and other gatherings this November and December.

You can mix and match their best sellers for a menu that’s uniquely your own. The Tokyo Tokyo Party Tray list contains the Yakisoba (P600), Yasai Itame (P700), Beef Misono (P995), Pork Tonkatsu (P995), Cheese Tonkatsu (P995), Fried Chicken Karaage (P995), Best Chicken Teriyaki (P1115), California Maki (P259 for 24 pieces), Spicy Beef Maki (P279 for 24 pieces), Gyoza (P275 for 15 pieces), and Steamed Rice (P255).

If you prefer individual meals for hassle-free service, Tokyo Tokyo Bento-Go is your best bet. Ordering is a breeze and your guests can choose from Cheese Tonkatsu (P155), Pork Tonkatsu (P145), Honey Chicken Teriyaki (P130), Fried Chicken Karaage (P115), Beef Misono (P155), and Best Chicken Teriyaki (P159).

I really enjoyed the Tokyo Tokyo Autumn Affair event, aside from meeting my mommy blogger friends (and being able to check out your local guitar center store), we were also treated to a fun game after eating. One of my blogger friends mommy Badet of The Misis Chronicles joined the game. Too bad she was eliminated during the first stage of the game.

What are your favorite Sumo2Share combination?

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  1. We love Tokyo Tokyo Sumo2share meals too, super sulit talaga. Nice to know about the party trays and price is very reasonable.

  2. My first experience with Tokyo Tokyo wasn’t a very nice one. i didn’t like what I ordered (squid), I’ve never gone back since then. But since you say you like it, I’m now considering giving it another try. Maybe I ordered the wrong food. 🙂

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