Non-Alcoholic White Sangria

I did some Spring Cleaning today….

My Aunt Eva thought that I was  either sick or there was no internet…

Hmmm, clearly, I didn’t make an impression of being diligent with them…

That’s okay, I believe that I’m as diligent as I could be in my own little way…

It’s a good thing you’re not here, though.

You would’ve seen the 27 kilos of cartons that I’m keeping…

YES!  Twenty-Seven! Can you imagine?!

That’s 27 kilos of garbage that I carried from the second floor down to the gate….

Not to mention those two large bags of …………mixed garbage.

….containing things I haven’t even seen… Now where did those come from?..hee.

I would’ve died of embarassment right then and there….

The truth is I have a little trouble with opening up and showing some vulnerability….

I’d have a hard time telling you all the things that I tell you if you’re sitting in front of my face…

You know, those cheesy things with peanutbutter, my weight problem, the everyday things that I have to deal with….

I would have a really hard time telling you all that if you’re sitting here in front of me right now.

Oh I’m so glad I could tell you, because we just might bump into each other one of these days and you might be wondering why I’m not mentioning any  of these things…

I’m happy that you always take the time to be here even though I mostly don’t know you….

I really am.

Now, let’s drink to that!

Oh, I forgot..this is a non-alcoholic drink…

Sis and I decided on a Non-Alcoholic White Sangria for our New Year beverage because there are many kids who will be drinking. And we decided not to add the fruit juice because we wanted the drink to be crystal clear.

We thought it’s way cooler like that…..

Non-Alcoholic White Sangria


5 cups Sparkling Water/ Lemon-Lime Soda
5 cups Fruit Juice to your liking such as Lemon Juice, Apple Juice or Pineapple Juice
Fruits slices or fruit pieces like grapes, tangerine, kiwi, apple, strawberry, lime and lemon
Mint leaves


  • Combine everything in a large pitcher and let stand for 30 minutes.
  • The flavor of the combined fruits will infuse the juice
  • Serve with lots of ice and skewered grapes as garnish


The original ingredient for White Sangria calls for White Wine.

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14 Responses

  1. It really is so much easier to admit to things through writing than it is to say in person. I think that’s why writing a blog can be so helpful in getting your thoughts out in the open!

    Sangria helps also. Admittedly, alcoholic more than non…but I love it either way.

  2. Spring Cleaning? Ugggg
    Love this sounds so refreshing and beautiful too!

  3. Sis, you don’t have a weight problem. You are perfect just as you are now!

    Let’s drink to that!

  4. Huh.. I can relate to the trash thing. I also can’t figure out why I throw so many thing after cleaning. Is it because we don’t clean often or just sentimental. Whatever… Hey that drink is so pretty and bet delicious as well. I wanna try that. thanks for the idea.. btw, Happy New Year, more power to my favorite food blog. 

  5. oh, you were just starting to open up..i thought this is an alcoholic drink!:p
    what a gorgeous concoction–makes me think of summer BBQs.

  6. Ano yung black fruit na kasama ng grapes? I remember how I love my mom’s juice punch because it has bits of apples and oranges with it. We never make it anymore but I think I’d like this better, with sparkling water and lemon juice. Yum!

    Fresh fruit juice ba o pwede yung nabibili na concentrated bottle?

    1. Grapes din yun. Pwede rin naman powdered or concentrate kaya lang syempre mas masarapa ang fresh fruit juice… =)

  7. love the concoction!
    am a private person myself (at least i’d like to think so! lol)…don’t really talk much, that’s why my posts are mostly pics with itty-bitty sentences/phrases. lol.your sharing this post over at Food Friday is much appreciated, PeachHappy 2012!

  8. Love the story that accompanies the sangria recipe; or, rather, the sangria recipe that accompanies the story! 🙂 I think this kind of spring cleaning is natural after the influx of stuff at Christmas and the resolution-influence of New Year’s. A chance to start the calendar year a little lighter.

    So glad you linked this to Food on Fridays.

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