King Henric’s Fish & Chips

Last Sunday found me in the jungles of Divisoria once again….

I bought a couple of sheets, a bunch of fresh vegetables and four pairs of house shorts..

Yes, because it’s cheaper there.

After buying the things we need, Sis and the kids and I did a little window shopping around 168 Mall and the newly opened mall beside it which I think is just an extension of 168.

We wanted something to nibble on so we headed to the Food Court, 5th level. The mall was fairly new so as expected, there aren’t a lot of people around.

Dory Meal {P112/$2.60}

King Henric’s Fish & Chips caught my eye not only because I love fish and chips but because it seemed out of place at the Food Court. Not many people are into Fish and Chips meal.

I was a little full at the time so I just ordered for the Dory Meal which consisted of 2 pcs of crispy fish strips, a serving of fries, drink and a choice of dip.

I chose Wasabe Mayo for the dip but they also have Remoulade, Cocktail, Tartar, Curry Coriander, Roasted Garlic and Chili Catsup.

The meal was actually pretty good, the fish and fries were cooked just right and served hot. The carton where they served the meal was of good quality.

Aside from the fish and chips they also serve Fish Burgers, Scampi and Chips and Rice Meals.

…And the staff {owners?} were kind and friendly to smile for me.♥

Their kiosk should be located near the cinema at the mall. I bet these would sell like popcorns specially with the affordable price of each meal.

Unfortunately, they don’t have other branches at this time aside from this one but they’re planning to open one in Robinson’s Place {I think?}

So if you happen to be in 168 Mall, I suggest you drop by their place at the 5th Level and try what they have to offer.

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4 Responses

  1. Bakit ang mura ng fish and chips diyan? Kailangan ba talaga dadayo ako ng Manila to eat cheap but yummy food? Pero at least another excuse to visit father dear, hehehe! I love house shorts in Divisoria, bought some shorts for me and pjs for Una nung Pasko. 😀

  2. @Peach Kitchen, we really appreciate your blogged and it really helped us to improve everything specially our menu. We’re so excited to inform you that we just moved in at Robinsons Place Manila Level 4 Movieworld Midtown wing. We hope that you can visit us again and try some of our new and exciting meals that will surely satisfy your cravings such as pasta(pesto, carbonara & red sauce pasta), rice meals (must try asian chilli rice), vegetarian nachos (served with hot cheese and a choice of jalapeno or salsa), beef chilli fingers (breaded and deep fried chillie finger with ground beef) and for the dessert, our very own panna cotta with mint flavoured ice cream on top.

    Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon!

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