1 to 40 Meal Deal To Celebrate Shakey’s 40 Years of Great Memories

1 to 40 Meal Deal To Celebrate Shakey's 40 Years of Great Memories

Guess who turned 40 this year?

Shakey’s! Our favorite go-to restaurant for pizza, chicken and mojos!

Yup. Shakey’s opened its first store in the Philippines in 1975 and since then has been known for serving mouth-watering freshly-baked pizzas, gourmet pastas and other treats, including the often-imitated, never duplicated Mojos.

1 to 40 Meal Deal To Celebrate Shakey's 40 Years of Great Memories

Our family loves Shakey’s. As a matter of fact, Ykaie’s first birthday was held at Shakey’s and it’s also our go to place at the mall. Check here and here.

To celebrate 40 years good times and great memories, Shakey’s  launched the 1-40 Meal Deal which  encourages  guest to create their own meal. Through this promo, anyone can enjoy any four of the brand’s 40 most-loved offerings by customizing their own meals good for four people.

“We really wanted something that’s never been done before for our 40th anniversary” shares Jorge Q. Concepcion, Shakey’s General Manager. We just kept thinking ‘we need something unique’, and then it hit us—what could be more unique than individually-customized meals? A meal for you, by you.”

From January 2 to March 15, 2015, Guests can choose any three food items and one dessert or drink from a preset selection of Shakey’s bestsellers and put them together  to form a personalized meal! All items included in the selection are good for four. Guests can choose from large thin crust servings of the brand’s 17 pizza flavors, family sized Chef, Caesar, Tuna Caesar, Greek and American Salad, Classic Spaghetti, and Carbonara Supreme Platters, Five-piece Buddy Pack Chicken ’N’ Mojos, Mojos Supreme, and 4 Solo servings of Hearty Italian, Chicken ’n’ Corn and Creamy Mushroom Soup.

All these for only ₱1,240 pesos.

1 to 40 Meal Deal To Celebrate Shakey's 40 Years of Great Memories

I was able to attend the launch of the 1-40 Meal Deal and was given the chance to pick out my own personalized Shakey’s meal.

1 to 40 Meal Deal To Celebrate Shakey's 40 Years of Great Memories

1 to 40 Meal Deal To Celebrate Shakey's 40 Years of Great Memories

From the 40 delicious selctions, I picked out my favorites which are Pizza Bianca, Carbonara, 5pcs Chicken N’ Mojos, and Banana Peach Surprise for dessert. I called it my Shakey’s-licious Grub!

There was a contest on who can be the most creative in their personalized meal. Too bad I didn’t win and I didn’t get to taake home the prize which is the meal you’ve created. But it’s okay because we were served our Shakey’s favorites for lunch.

1 to 40 Meal Deal To Celebrate Shakey's 40 Years of Great Memories

Shakey’s Spaghetti

Chicken N’ Mojos

Fish Fillet, French Fries, and Calamari

Buffalo Wings

Manager’s Choice Pizza

Here’s my plate containing…… a little bit of everything!

After lunch, there was a business round table discussion where I learned more about Shakey’s business side.

Happy 4oth Anniversary Shakey’s! Looking forward to more years ahead.

For more information, you may visit any Shakey’s or log on to www.shakeyspizza.ph. You may also like  www.facebook.com/ShakeysPH or follow @PHshakeys on Twitter and @ShakeysPH on Instagram

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42 Responses

  1. We don’t have a Shakey’s around here, but with food that looks that good, I can see why they have been around for 40 years. That spaghetti looks awesome and so does that pizza!

  2. That looks like a fun place to eat and Happy 40th to Shakeys. That fried chicken is making me hungry. I don’t do a lot of frying but I do like to eat friend chicken now and then when we go out.

  3. We don’t have a Shakeys here but if I ever see one, I will be sure to stop in. The food looks so yummy and I love the pics! Fried chicken rocks for sure! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. I love pizza and that manager’s choice pizza looks absolutely delicious. Unfortunately we do not have a Shakeys in my country.

  5. Mhmmm, what a greasy pile of glory lol. I think I would have loved the fish fillet, french fries and calamari platter the most. I’m partial to unfried things, now that I’m getting a little older but I still can’t help myself where any of those things are concerned 😛
    Great idea for an anniversary promo!

  6. This sounds like a great place to eat indeed. The pictures are amazing and I keep looking at the delicious looking pizza. Yummy!!!. Thanks so much for sharing. I wish we had a Shakeys here.

  7. We don’t have a Shakey’s around here but wish they did! All that food looks great and looks like a great family place to eat.

  8. Forty years is such an accomplishment for a restaurant. Having a promo where you create your own meal sounds like a lot of fun – I love having multiple choices! The plates look generous.

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