Almon Marina Sandwich Bar and Deli

My favorite Almon  Marina branch is the one in located Megamall. I don’t have any idea why. Maybe it’s the first. OR Maybe because it looks like a quaint old deli which I find very familiar.

No special memories there either… I’m just fond of that place and whenever I’m in Megamall and I find myself in a predicament of not being able to choose where to eat, my feet always take me to Almon Marina.

Chiken Kebab {P175}

As usual, we have the three kids with us: Ykaie, Cyra and Cyvrine. Sis ordered this beautiful Chicken Kebab plate which includes rice pilaff and herbed veggies. She wasn’t that satisfied though because of the ratio of chicken to veggies: there were more veggies than chicken in the skewer. I find it okay, though.

Deli Platter {P175}

I ordered a deli platter for appetizer because everybody loves cold cuts but it was only me and sis who dug in.

Stuffed Porchchops {P175}

This porkchop was stuffed with apple, cheese, herb and spices. It was tasty, yet, I find the pork chop to be a little tough. Well, it’s kinda on the affordable side so who am I to complain? This is already good for its price.

Roast Chicken w/ 1 siding {P175}

 A quarter of roasted chicken with a siding of coleslaw is enough for the three kids to share. I just gave Ykaie half of my rice pilaff.

Everyday, this restaurant offers two choices of freshly made soup and I never fail to order at least one. That day, the soup I ordered was Seafood Bisque.

Nutty Pecan Pie

All of us loved the dessert! I promise to make my own version of pecan pie before the month ends…..

Almon Marina
G/F Bldg A. SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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  1. i tried their sandwiches.. good but not something i’d crave for. i think the chicken looks yummy

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