Accessories made with Beads

When I was in high school, long before I collected recipes and dinner wares, I was very much into silver jewelries. I would save up my allowance then I would either buy a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace.

When I graduated and went into college, my interest began to change when a friend gave me a bracelet made of colorful beads. I discovered that accessories made with beads are much cooler than silver because can be made with a different colors which you can make to match the color of the outfit that you’re wearing.

I never failed to buy a bead accessory whenever I go to the mall, and when I got tired of those accessories seen at the mall, I began making my own. I bought beads in different kinds, shapes, sizes and colors. I bought a long nose pliers, wires and earring hooks. I made earrings, bracelets and sometimes I made necklaces too!

The only problem I had when I was making my own accessories was that suppliers tend to raise the prices of some of the beads and some doesn’t give you good quality beads for the price that you pay for. You are really lucky if you’re into beads nowadays, because there are companies that offers good quality beads for fair prices like . There’s a wide variety of beads to choose from and it’s easier for you because you get to do it online. And they ship internationally!

I just might start making beads jewelry again…


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