Breakfast at Cafe Ma’Mita, The Boac Hotel ~ Marinduque

Breakfast at Cafe Ma'Mita, The Boac Hotel |

Our stay at The Boac Hotel had free breakfast for two at Cafe Ma’Mita, so that’s where everyone had breakfast. We had it at 6am because our flight leaves at eight. In a town as small as Boac, there are no other food establishment opened as early.

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Breakfast at Cafe Ma'Mita, The Boac Hotel | www.thepeachkitchen.comThe coffee served was just the red Nescafe 3-in-1 but I love the mug it came in. That old five-peso and twenty-peso bill is enough to remind me of my childhood days.

Breakfast at Cafe Ma'Mita, The Boac Hotel | www.thepeachkitchen.comPancake with Bacon & Egg {₱100}

Ykaie wanted her favorite pancakes for brekky and so we shared a plate consisting of two dense-pancakes, a couple of strips of bacon and a sunny-side up egg. When I say dense, I meant like those pancakes our lola used to make from scratch. It came with maple syrup and strangely with cream cheese.

Breakfast at Cafe Ma'Mita, The Boac Hotel | www.thepeachkitchen.comJust like when we had lunch the previous day, cold water was served in this clear old bottle.

Pandesal with Bacon {₱85}

peanutbutter was craving for pandesal, so he ordered pandesal with bacon.

Breakfast at Cafe Ma'Mita, The Boac Hotel | www.thepeachkitchen.comBeef Tapa {₱95}

While sis and Rome had beef tapa, rice and egg.

I didn’t order any meal during this time and just shared a meal with Ykaie. Eating so much rice has made me put on a lot of weight which I need to lose before the end of August in time for another family outing. I could lose them with the help of diet pills  but I wanted to see how much I could lose with exercise and a balance diet.

Love the service at Cafe Ma’Mita, they made us feel right at home…

The Boac Hotel
Brgy. San Migue
Boac, Marinduque

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8 Responses

  1. Seldom see pancake served with savories bacon and fried egg , no doubt I will have this savory combination over pancake solely drizzled with syrup served with fruits.

  2. I love the mugs as well. It looks so ’80s. Your breakfast seems like any typical Filipino meal,except for the cream cheese.  The pandesal looks bigger than the ones we have in our place. Mukha naman pong masarap. 🙂

  3. The breakfast looks sooo yummy! 🙂 I love the designs of those mugs…

  4. Yummm looks like a hearty breakfast and a nice one before catching a flight.  

    Water in a glass bottle seems like very common in days of ole.  Ilove the mugs too, Peach.  

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