The Dream that is O’Sonho ~

The Dream that is O'Sonho ~

When I got the invite to try O’Sonho, the first thing that ran across my mind was….. have I tried a Portuguese restaurant before? Just like Benedict Cumberbatch in the Sherlock Holmes series my mind flashed photos of the different dishes that I tried. Paella?, that’s Spanish, Peri-Peri chicken? yes, but is it the same as the portuguese peri-peri chicken? Wine-flavored clams? What are Portuguese dishes anyway? Hmmnnnn…to tell you honestly, Spanish dishes has drowned out the thought of Portuguese dishes in my mind since they have similar flavors.

A simple, heart-felt lunch changed my mind.

The Dream that is O'Sonho ~

Arriving at O’Sonho in Eastwood, I got the first impression that I wasn’t dressed properly. The restaurant looks expensive from the outside –there was wine on every table, dramatic lighting and sleek interiors. My cousin was with me at the time and we positioned ourselves on the couch. The staff who greeted us and took our orders were very warm and friendly.

The Dream that is O'Sonho ~

O’Sonho is elegant, sleek and modern but exudes warm hospitality and adventure.

O’sonho {pronounced as o-son-nyo} means “the dream” in Portuguese. The name means “the dream” for a number of reasons.  It reflects the dream of having the ultimate dining experience and  the passion and love for delicious food,  relaxing ambience and value for every peso.  It also tells of a long time dream of the owners of bringing Portuguese food to Manila and sharing the experience with Manila’s diners.

The Dream that is O'Sonho ~

I order O’Sonho Fresh Iced Peppermint Lemon Tea {₱90}, their signature brew. This is perfect when you’re ordering something spicy like their Peri-Peri Chicken because the coolness of this drink balances out the heat of  your food. A seed of lemon went inside my straw upon my first sip…. it reminded me of home already.

We were given a complimentary basket of thinly sliced buttered baguette and Portuguese salsa. My tastebuds detected olive oil and balsamic vinegar along with the chopped tomatoes.  I couldn’t get enough of it.

Very interesting, this Duck Salad with Lychees {₱90} is. It has watercress instead of the usual lettuce, roasted duck, lychees and O’Sonho’s signature soy lychee vinaigrette. The combination of sweet and salty plus the crunchy and slightly chewy texture is astounding. I kept on getting forkfuls of watercress and duck meat, not minding the other dishes that were already on the table.

On the same note is my cousin Rome who couldn’t get enough of the Chorizo Croquette. He seemed mersmerized by the crunchy orb as it opens up into steaming mashed potato and slices of chorizo with every bite. Softness and Crunch. Texture amidst flavors seemed to be abound at O’Sonho.

Their Peri-Peri Chicken is quite popular but I decided against ordering it with fragrant rice lest I would finish the whole thing. The portions are quite big for the price on the menu in this place. But it’s something I really wanted to try so I ordered Peri Peri Chicken Pasta {₱310} instead, which I later found out was quite the crowd-pleaser…and why not? It’s brimming with the flavors of  sundried tomatoes, herbs and the piquant Peri-Peri chicken.

I will have to take my sister here one day to try it.

The Portuguese Baby Back Ribs {₱560-half slab} is fall-off-the-bone, meaty and satisfying. I give applause  to O’Sonho’s special rib sauce where this has been marinated for several hours. You would have found me finishing this slab if I wasn’t already full from all those wonderful food I’ve eaten.

The fusion of Portuguese dishes with Spanish, Australian and Filipino is truly a dream. They managed to artfully combine all the flavors and turn it into something you would be going back to along with the service, the food quality and the presentation.

Portuguese dishes now occupy a spot in my heart….

O’Sonho Portuguese Restaurant
20 Jupiter St., Makati, Metro Manila, PH
and Eastwood Mall, Quezon City

(T) 896-3289 / 870-7844

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