Halloween Party Idea: Jack O’ Lantern Sodas

It’s Halloween at The Peach Kitchen!!

The beginning of October makes me as giddy as the beginning of December…

As you all know, I’m a big fan of Halloween…

And October means Halloween recipes, Halloween parties and Halloween Crafts.

The third week of October is when my sister and I hold the Halloween party for our family. Sis takes care of the cute finger food and the costumes while I am in-charge of the creepy adult Halloween food.

Last year, I did some cute and gross Halloween recipes. I will try to do more of them this year and I hope you join the fun.

Remember the FrankenS’mores Pops, Used Band-Aids, and the Severed Fingers?? Those are just some of the things I did last year.

Let me start off with the sodas for the upcoming Halloween party.

Yup, I plan my spooky stuff at the start of the BER months. Work my way with the ingredients and what-nots towards mid-september and by October 1st, I’m waaaay excited  and I can’t wait to show you everything I got!!

For our party drinks, I bought some large orange sodas because they resemble a pumpkin more than colas and rootbeers. The first thing I looked for was Royal Tru-Orange, I forgot that their bottles went on a diet and are now sexier. So I used these Zesto Orange Sodas instead.

I had originally planned on drawing Jack O’ Lantern faces on black art papers but because I’m lazy a little busy, I just printed out some, cut them and glued them onto the bottles!

If you’re a mom, I’m betting you liked my idea!

Use this at your Halloween party and let me know…


I may not be posting in the next couple of days. I’m gonna accompany my niece in buying and choosing the color guard uniforms for their school band. And I maybe stuck baking cupcakes for them….

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20 Responses

  1. woo…scared me for a second when I open your page. hahaha…I love the way you decorate the bottles.  So much fun and so festive!  🙂

  2. Your enthusiasm is wonderful. I am new to your blog and it is full of life and delicious recipes. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  3. I really want tojoin halloween parties pero hindi uso dito yan. Baka sisimulan ko para maging uso hehe

  4. Simple yet another creative trick!   This one is even easier that everyone can do this!

  5. Thankyou for sharing this mommy! 🤎 Ang easy lang pala! Dame ko na idea nakuha sa inyo mommy! 🤎 Galing galing mo mommy! 🤎

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