French Baker and Anchor Brings HOKKAIDO CAKE in the Philippines

HOKKAIDO CAKE from The French Baker |

HOKKAIDO CAKE from The French Baker |

The Hokkaido Cake is the first among the Cake of the World line from the French Baker that was introduced last December 7, 2012. It is a fluffy, lightly buttered sponge cake that is made with Anchor butter and filled with French Vanilla-flavored Anchor dairy cream.

This cake was first launched in Malaysia. It easily won the hearts of many and instantly became a favorite so they decided to bring it here in the Philippines. Who else should best carry this Japanese-inspired cake but French Baker.

French Baker is already 20 years in business and has taken the neighborhood bakery into a sophisticated one while maintaining the a very competitive price among the others in the market. They introduced the baguettes, scones, parisiennes, crepes, bagels, sourdough bread and ciabatta in the country.

I can still remember that they’re the only ones selling my favorite Chocolate Chip Scones, a few years ago. Those scones are still my favorite and now, that I’m also cooking myself, I’ve used a lot of their breads in the dishes that I make.

HOKKAIDO CAKE from The French Baker |

Hokkaido Cake was introduced at the French Baker in Robinson’s Magnolia. I was one of the few to witness Mr. Johnlu Koa, founder and CEO of French Baker and Chef Pauline Lagdameo of Anchor do a cooking demo of how this soft, delicious cake is made.

You may think that this cake is very easy to do and is just so simple but in order for it to be perfect, you must have all the right ingredients. Quality and freshness are keys to making this cake delightful.

HOKKAIDO CAKE from The French Baker |

You have to use good quality eggs, good quality flour, Anchor butter and Anchor dairy cream.

Anchor uses fresh, high quality milk in making their butter and cream. It comes from New Zealand cows that is fed fresh grass from the pastures. This is what gives the butter its rich, yellow color.

The cream is Ultra-heated to retain its fresh dairy flavor and destroy any micro-organisms that is present in the product.

HOKKAIDO CAKE from The French Baker |

The demo began with the egg whites beaten until it you can see soft peaks forming. Then the egg yolk, butter and flour is combined and folded into the egg whites.

It is then scooped into the molds then baked for a few minutes. While baking, Anchor dairy cream is whipped with some vanilla bean and vanilla extract. This goes inside the cake as fillings when done.

HOKKAIDO CAKE from The French Baker |

The whipped cream is piped in when cake has cooled into room temperature, then powdered sugar is sprinkled on top for a hint of sweetness. It does look like the snow-dusted scenes of Japan where this had taken inspiration from, right?

These super light cakes comes in singles and boxes of fives perfect for sharing or as pasalubong. Each cake is individually wrapped in a cheerful robin blue egg wrapper, and then placed in a box. Every eating experience feels like you’re unwrapping a present.

The price is ₱65 per piece or ₱295 per box of 5’s

HOKKAIDO CAKE from The French Baker |

Hokkaido Cake is also perfect as potluck contribution for any occasion because it’s elegant. Customize it to your liking by adding a few slices of your favorite fruits on top.


Mr. Johnlu Koa showing the boxes and bag of the Hokkaido Cake

HOKKAIDO CAKE from The French Baker |

Ms. Pickles of Fonterra, Chef Pauline Lagdameo with some of the wonderful people of French Baker

We were treated to a wonderful lunch after the cooking demo. There was another pastry for dessert but the Hokkaido Cake was too hard to resist. I had one and it was the perfect ending to that wonderful meal…soft, creamy, buttery and light — simply perfect.

Hokkaido Cake will be available at all French Baker branches starting this Saturday, December 15, 2012.

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